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Sigurjón Sigurjónsson From Reykjavik 35 years old

 Personal trainer in world class Iceland

 7 years experience

Nutricion degree And many others seminars in massage and trigger.

 Specialiced in recovery training and strenght.

 Played handball for 7 years and football for 20 years.

 1 place classic bodybuilding icelandic 2018

 3 place classic bodybuilding icelandic 2017

 2 place classic bodybuilding icelandic 2016

Gunnar Stefán Pétursson

Personal Coach at World Class Iceland.

Online coaching, online contest prepping, nutritonal online coaching, strength coach.

I am 25 years old, 26 in this year.

Been lifting weights since 13 years old, fitness and bodybuilding since 19 years old.

Football/soccer since I was 7 years old, have also trained basketball and been in many other sports.

ÍAK Personal Coach ÍAK Strength Coach Many other degrees and seminars about training and nutrition.

1st place Bodybuilding Juniors 2015.

2nd place in Bodybuilding adults over 85kg 2018 Icelandic IFBB tournament.

My name is Rannveig Anna and I’m 23 years old.

I am a personal trainer at World Class Iceland and I have online coaching at R þjálfun.

Played soccer for almost 11 years and then started lifting weights when I was 16 years old.

I’ve competed x3 times in fitness for the IFBB  in Iceland and I  started competing in 2012.

I just love nutrition, exercise and working on/achieving my goals

Dwain Elroy Prince

Sara Rós Daengardóttir

Einar Andri Ólafsson